Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insert Foot Into Mouth...

Seriously, people will say/ask the most inappropriate/stupid things!

Here are the Top 3 Questions:
  1. "Did you have fertility treatment for your kids?" - First of all it's none of your business, I don't ask you if you had a tummy tuck or a face lift! But I politely smile and say "NO, I didn't need any help in that department".
  2. "It's your own fault you have so many kids." - Hey, I didn't even know I was pregnant with twins the first time until I was 19-weeks along (knew I was pregnant, but no twins). But I guess I can take the blame, since it is my fault that I get pregnant easily, and it is my fault that I ovulate two eggs, and it is my fault that I got pregnant the second time while on birth control.  I did not set out to have two sets of twins, but I am very lucky with fertility and am blessed to have 4 absolutely wonderful children! (Who, by the way, behave like angels, never cry, always smile don't throw their food, always let me sleep in...hahahahahahaha, I wish!)
  3. "Are they identical?" (about my girl/boy twins) - Seriously, this may be the most stupid question I get (and I'm sure other MOTs get about their G/B or B/G twins).  It's a GIRL and a BOY, they CANNOT BE IDENTICAL...duh! But I usually politely smile and say "no, they're fraternal".
Any stupid questions you get?


  1. 1. I read this book about twins when i was pregnant, and this one mother wrote down all the stupid questions she faced, and she suggested the answers to those questions. Nobody asked me (yet) the "fertility drug" question, but my favorite answer from the book was "Why, do you need a referral?"

  2. 2. Have they actually said that to you? That it's your own fault??? Unbelievable. Were those strangers or people you know??? Wow, what a nerve.

  3. I actually got the are they identical question about my b/g twins from a man who was an identical triplet.

    A lady actually told my husband that he needed to take up golf as a past time so we wouldn't have more kids especially so close in age.

    My favorite- Are they all yours? and by an old man "What a burden!"

    Guess a singleton and twins 10 1/2 months younger is something people can't understand. I can't imagine the crazy things you get with 2 sets of twins.

  4. Amy & Maria - those are great! I forgot about the "are they all yours" one!

  5. At ages 5.5 (the twins) and 3, I still get the "are they all yours" question. I suppose by this age though, it's more feasible that one of the older ones is a friend...

    I got the "are they identical" for my B/G twins from many people, but the one that shocked me the most came from a nurse.

    And DAMN! "It's your own fault" ?? Wow. that's ballsy.