Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stroller Recommendations

I have a LOT of should see my basement. Here are my recommendations for strollers for your twins:

BEST EVERYDAY STROLLER - MacLaren Twin Triumph - I keep mine in the back of the loser cruiser and use it almost everyday. It's lightweight, durable and easy to use

BEST NEWBORN STROLLER - Baby Trend Snap & Go - we used this for both sets of twins for the first nine months. Don't buy a "real" stroller until after you've had the babies and they're a little older. The snap & go is light, super easy to use and you can modify it for most infant carriers

BEST ALL-TERRAIN STROLLER - Bumbleride Indie Twin - I love, love, love this big ol' stroller - it's light, you don't have to take the wheels off to put it in your car, and it folds pretty thin. I tried out a number of other all-terrain strollers, and this one rocked. Also, it fits through standard doorways and is easy to maneuver.

HONORABLE MENTIONS - Baby Jogger City Mini Double & Graco Quattro Tour Duo -I really liked the City Mini and used it for over a month when our Bumbleride was being repaired. If I ever need another stroller, this will be what I go for. One issue is that it's bigger than an "umbrella stroller", but doesn't have rubber tires like the Bumbleride (so you can't use it "off road" or for "jogging).  The Graco Quattro is a good tandem stroller, but it's very heavy, so we only use it when my husband comes with me.


  1. i love the bumbleride, you forgot to mention the compliments you get and the awesome colors it comes in.

  2. I like all of your strollers too! I do have the single city mini and the fold is so easy. I haven't tried a double yet though.

  3. I love our valco baby trimode twin with toddler seat for our 3. I am thinking about getting the hitch hiker now that my oldest is almost 3. I have a feeling we'll be using a stroller for a while with my 3 kiddos.