Monday, November 22, 2010

My Tots Have Graduated!

Congratulations to Emma & Robin (aka the Big Tots) on graduating from Early Intervention today ~ hip, hip, hooray! While some parents like to brag about how their 9-month old is potty trained, can walk and speaks french...I'm going to brag that my older twins are on track developmentally (finally)...YAY!!!!

Emma and Robin started Early Intervention when they were 4 months old because they were not meeting any of their developmental milestones and because they both were diagnosed with congenital torticollis (as are my younger twins). They had the same, wonderful therapist the entire time (except for her maternity leave), and slowly started gaining developmentally and reaching their milestones. While other kids were rolling, sitting, crawling and walking...mine were about 4 steps behind, but happily so. Today at their assessment, they actually scored AHEAD of their ages for: cognitive language, receptive language, and perceptive language. Little Miss Robin scored off the charts for social skills, and Little Miss Emma rocked her fine motor skills!

While I am excited for their "graduation" from EI, I am sad that Emma & Robin have to say goodbye to Ilana, sad to miss out on their fun weekly multiples integrated playgroup and Jump, Jiggle and Jive. But, the fun doesn't end for me...I still have two others in Early Intervention services, and starting next week Ilana will take over their cases! Yay! Now maybe Morgan will finally roll over...

Top: Emma & Robin 5 months
Bottom: Robin & Emma 2 years old