Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Mott's, You're Not For My Tots!

I spent last Saturday morning at BJs with my clan. While the Big T8 waited at the deli for an hour, I was able to finish my tornado of a shopping spree (isn't that always the case at BJs). My older girls have (finally) taken a liking to applesauce, so I bought a 36 pack of Mott's. Why Mott's - because it was a name I associated with good, healthy food products. So, last night while the girls were chowing down on their dinner I looked at the ingredients and was SHOCKED! Mott's, you are using high fructose corn syrup in applesauce! I couldn't think of a reason why...apples are yummy the way that they are, they have plenty of sugar and I've had plenty of applesauce that just have apples (and ascorbic acid) as their ingredients.  Actually, I took out my last container of store brand applesauce and looked at the ingredients...just apples and the ascorbic acid...nothing else. While I won't throw away the remaining 32 containers of applesauce, it will be my last time buying the Mott's brand. While on this kick, I went down to the basement to see what ingredients the 3 huge jugs of apple juice have...apples, water and ascorbic acid.  Good choice, and it tastes just fine!

I guess I learned my lesson, the brand you think you trust may not be the best for you, and I need to stop and check out the labels before I buy!  A savvy shopper is a good shopper!


  1. agreed! sometimes convenience isn't worth it.

  2. HFCS is in everything isn't it? I am trying to be good at not buying things with it.

  3. Unless you buy the "natural" variety, almost all brands of apple sauce are sweetened with either HFCS or sugar. And while I think sugar is the lesser of two evils, I see now reason for adding sugar at all unless you are making apple sauce with an especially tart apple. Mass market applesauce doesn't need to be sweetened. You can buy just plain old cooked apples with no added sugar (or artificial sweeteners) in most any brand if you look for the "natural" varieties. I think I have Mott's Natural in my fridge right now, but it might be another brand. Unfortunately, they don't carry it at BJ's.

    I buy the big jar at Market Basket and dole it out into smaller portions. If you have enough containers, apple sauce freezes really well, so whether you are buying it by the vat or making your own at home, you can put individual portions in the freezer and not worry about it growing mold if you don't use it fast enough. It's a tasty treat eaten while still partially frozen or thaw completely before serving and it's perfect every time.

  4. Thank you for your post, and I can certainly understand your concerns. I hope you will take a look at the Motts.com site and check out our product selection. We strive to have something for everyone, and you may find our Mott's Plus natural "no sweetner added" applesauce the right applesauce for your family. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via the blog's contact form, and I'm happy to pass any questions along to the right person.