Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been a long time...

We have been so busy in the Tate House, that I really haven't had time to update the blog. Here's a quick run down of what's happened in the past month:
  • Emma & Robin started solid foods - we started them on cereal a while back, but included veggies and fruits a few weeks ago. The girls are eating peas, carrots, squash, pears, apples, bananas and peaches...quite a repertoire. Emma definitely loves to eat more than Robin, she finds it fun and gets the food all over the place. Robin has to be in the right mood, or else she refuses to eat.
  • I went back to work on 2/23 - I'm very happy to be back. I'm working 4-days each week (Monday - Thursday) and enjoying every minute I'm at home with the girls. I think being back in the workforce is making me a better mother. We have so much fun when I'm home, and it's working so well.
  • Giggles - Emma & Robin love to laugh and giggle. They like to get tickled and are so funny! They even laugh on their own when we sing and make faces...they just get a kick out of us!
  • Robin has new sounds - she loves to say "Ohh"...she says it constantly and will have "Ohh" conversations with us
  • Emma flips - Emma started to roll over earlier this week. She's rolled from stomach to back and vice versa. Unfortunately she only does it when she's frustrated, and I hate to get her to that point, but it's funny to walk back in the room and see her on a different side. She also scoots on her back. So if you put her one place, it's likely she will be somewhere else when we get back
  • Separate beds - We moved the girls into their own cribs earlier this week. We had a number of bumped heads and lots of kicks recently, so it was time to give them their own space. I was nervous that they would get upset, because I tried it last month and they screamed until I put them back in the same crib. Lucky for us, they LOVED it. They have the space they need to scoot around, and no one to bump into.
  • No more swaddles - We stopped swaddling them at bedtime. Both were getting out of their swaddle blankets and woombies, so we put them into sleep sacks and they are fine. I still use the swaddles when they are upset or overtired, but it's great that they can sleep without it now.
  • Their first overnight hotel stay - last week we stayed overnight at the Marriott in Boston. Jeremy was going to dinner and a basketball game with Uncle Matt, so I took the girls out for dinner with Aunt Jody & Aunt Jana. Uncle Matt was so generous and offered to put us up at the Marriott, so we could take our time and not worry about the trip home. The girls loved it, and got so much attention from the staff. They also behaved very well at Brasserie Jo for dinner.

Last week we went to get measured for their helmets. They behaved so well during the whole process (45 minutes each girl). They had to wear a funny sock on their head, and the Orthotist used a big camera to scan their heads into a computer. The helmets will be made from their scans, and they get them on Friday. We'll take lots of photos before, but not so many during their helmet period (don't want them to get a complex).

We're off to Nana & Papa's for Papa's birthday celebration...can't wait!

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