Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holy Moly!

Who would have thought that being a working mom to infant twins would take all of my time! I finally got the rug rats to bed and finished a SmartOnes for dinner - now I can catch up on my email (300 new messages), update this blog (it's been almost 2 months), and drink a glass of wine!
The twins are 6-months old now - every day there is something new that they're doing. Emma is a trouble with a capital "T" - she is the mover and shaker...never sitting still! Little Bitty Emma always has a smile on her face and will go to just about anyone. Robin is laid back and just takes it all in. She is cautious about who gets to hold her and loves to touch my face. Both girls know their names and definitely know when Mommy or Daddy is in the room. They are learning to sit up...thank god for the helmets when they fall!
Speaking of helmets - the Tots have been wearing them for about 7 weeks now, and it's amazing how much their head shape has improved! They don't seem to mind wearing them, and get 2 hours of helmet freedom each day. We're hoping that after the appointment with the plastic surgeon this week, they'll get to take them off for good!
This weekend is the going to be our first visit to Poughkeepsie with the twins (actually it's our first visit since we got married). We're so excited to have the girls meet our New York friends and family!

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