Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here's the Situation - Reality TV Dances By...

This post is not about me or my kids or anyone in my family, but I need to dance around a little Situation that's annoying me. I am going to preface this with a note about women who are not super-models, but have fabulous bodies - men call them "butter faces". But what do we call a hideous-looking man with a good body? Beer face? Butt Face? Loser? Any suggestions?

Typically, I do not blog about celebrities or stars, but this person is neither a celebrity or star (but thinks they are) and is just a train wreck that we love to watch, but it's getting old and I'm sick of seeing him on TV.

I bring this up because one of the Jersey Shore cast mates is on Dancing with the Stars, but is not truly a star and is so annoying to watch. Yes, Mike "The Situation", I mean you! He may have abs of steel, but that's about it,and he's hideously ugly (some might say "fugly"), but thinks he's hot shit. The kicker is, that The Situation is not even an interesting reality-star, he doesn't have 20 kids or multiple multiples, isn't a "little person", didn't survive anything, isn't a millionaire, and is definitely not a contender for The Bachelor (can you imagine that season)...why is he on DTWS? Couldn't they get another D-list celebrity to entertain us?  Couldn't America have voted him off, instead of "The Hoff"? Can't a really, really hot woman just put him in his place and tell him "your face looks like someone hit you a dumbbell a few too many times"...please, please, please!!!

I have finished venting my frustration...the tribe has spoken!

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