Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Need That

Little Robin Tate is quite a character! She is coming into toddlerhood with a bang, and I cannot imagine what she'll be like as a teen (well, I can imagine, but it scares me).  She has a mind (and mouth) of her own, and boy does she use it!

  • "I need that" - Robin walks around saying this phrase ALL DAY, in response to her "needing" everything that comes into sight
  • That's mine" - what Robin says when taking away toy/book/cup/anything from her sisters/brother
  • "Okay" - Robin's response to a question, instead of 'yes'
  • "Wakkles" - what Robin wants for breakfast every morning (Waffles)
  • "Shoo" - what Robin tells me to do when I come near her...
  • "See ya yater" - what Robin says when she leaves a room
  • "Go away Mommy" and "leave now" - what Robin says to me when she's mad

1 comment:

  1. Nina, your little Robin is much like your mother Robin. Yes, she will be a handful. But, she will be most lovable! Just try to be consistent with her and love her like crazy. Laugh a lot. [I'm remembering your mom when she was a little girl - and smiling!]