Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Emma has turned into a cranky pants in the afternoon, while Robin is happy as a clam. Over the past week, it goes like this: the girls wake up from their nap, I go upstairs to get them, and Robin is screeching and smiling while Emma starts crying hysterically. At first I thought it was because she was so excited to see me after being away the whole day (that's the hopeful mother in me), but then I realized, she's generally pissed. After diaper changes we head downstairs for a quick snack and playtime. Emma is still crying...Robin is staring at her. The crying continues off and on until bedtime, with bouts of happiness (I think she forgets she's supposed to be in a bad mood). Oh well, another stage. Another new thing that Emma is doing is refusing me when I come home. She'll refuse to come to me, and hide behind Nanny Kristy or cry until Nanny picks her up. At this point, I realize I'm working way too much and need to be home with the kids more. The good thing is...my last day of work is 12/17, and then I'll officially be home. The bad thing is, Nanny Kristy is going to be leaving us and going to work with a new family (luckily it's a work colleague of Jeremy's)...I'm sad on so many levels.

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