Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 Weeks & Counting...

It's been a while since I've had a few minutes to update the blog, but I guess that's to be expected when you're home with twin toddlers and baking another set in the "oven". Life is going by so fast and Robin & Emma are growing and developing quickly!
Robin started walking on her own a few weeks ago...everyday she's doing better and going further, but she still prefers to crawl to get somewhere fast. While Emma started "cruising" first and hit all of her other milestones first, she's still somewhat hesitant to take off on her own. She will walk across the room on occasion, it's mostly when we have company to show off (after she sees her sister doing the same). Even though she's not fully walking yet, she's chatting up a storm, using her words, repeating and understanding everything! Robin has a few words she uses, but she mostly just does the baby jibber-jabber.
I'm getting larger and larger...still can't believe that I can have another 2 kids any day now. Robin & Emma were born at 34 weeks/6 days, so I'm expecting that Morgan & Ryan will arrive around the same time. We are still not fully prepared for their arrival...need to bring up the bottles, and waiting for the furniture to arrive. My goal for this weekend is to wash all the Preemie and Newborn clothes and to get the pack and play set up in the nursery (our crib isn't arriving until around their due date). If I can get that done and organized, I'll be happy.
One thing I have done is packed up a toiletry bag. Last time I was caught off guard and Jeremy had to pack up a bag for me...needless to say I had to send sister Jana home to get me what I really needed!
Well, I had been measuring quite large (two visits ago I was measuring 8 weeks ahead of schedule - for a singleton), but last visit I was only 3 weeks ahead of schedule, so my growth has slowed down dramatically. I'm curious to see how big Morgan & Ryan are at the ultrasound on Friday. Robin & Emma came early because they stopped growing, so it will be interesting what the Maternal-Fetal specialist says.
Last pregnancy I carried super-high and had issues with babies under my rib cage and limited breathing. This pregnancy I'm carrying super-low. I swear that I can feel a baby's hand in the birth canal giving me a tickle...I wouldn't be surprised if a hand came out one day (just kidding), but I'm that low. Maybe I can tie something around my belly and then around my neck to hoist my belly up so I can get some relief of pressure. Oh the misery of bringing lots of babies into the world.
Last night Jeremy moved the step stool upstairs so I could get some help getting in/out of bed. It's probably quite a site seeing this incredibly large pregnant woman try to roll over and get out of bed. And of course I'm up every hour for a bathroom break (always fun)!
I'll post more after my appointment Friday evening!

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