Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost 34 Weeks...

I can't believe that this pregnancy is almost over (thank God)! The past 34 weeks have flown by, and now we're just counting down the days until I go into Labor or until 4/16 (the date my c-section is scheduled). Most likely I'll deliver in the next two weeks, since Morgan & Ryan's growth rate has slowed, and I'm slowly losing weight (vs. gaining). Yesterday, they were measured via ultrasound and it looks like Ryan is 4lbs. 4oz. and Morgan is 4lbs. - they're getting close to Emma & Robin's birth weights (4lbs. 5oz. & 4lbs. 7oz). The older sisters are doing great! Both are walking, talking and just growing up so fast! Emma is going through her "mommy only" phase, and Robin is becoming so friendly and really loves all people and animals (especially Pitcha)! Last week we all had the stomach flu (of course on different days), so it's been a slow recovery here (and messy one). Let's keep our fingers crossed, and wish the Tots some more time in my belly!