Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goodbye Shawmut & Happy Anniversary

So on Monday, November 9th I was officially "laid off", and my last day of work will be on December 18th. I've been here at Shawmut for almost 4 years, and most of that time has been great, but recently it hasn't been the same. I'm excited for this next big adventure, and am looking forward to staying home with Emma and Robin until the new Tater Tots arrive in April. Then I'll really have my hands full. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary (2 years) with Jeremy. We whooped it up big time, and Aunt Jana babysat, while we had a late dinner at the Capital Grille...we definitely stayed out past our bedtime, and weren't home until after 10pm. The girls loved having Jana and Keith over, and Nana and Great-Granny showed up for a visit too. It was nice having everyone over! Here's a quick update on Emma & Robin: they had their first birthday's last month, and are definitely entering into toddler-hood full storm. They are coming into their own little personalities, and are in their "mommy" stage. By this I mean, if I am in the house, they must be attached to me or they will scream and's real fun! They are both crawling and "cruising" all over the place, and are understanding us more each day. Emma can repeat certain words "cracker" and "cookie", and is all about "Dada", "Nana" and "Mama". Robin's not into repeating, but says the same words as Emma. Robin is very serious and cautious, while Emma is bubbly and outgoing. I think Robin likes Emma more than Emma like Robin, at this point. Update on the Twins in the Oven: I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant, and look like I'm more than 22 weeks pregnant (and feel it). I haven't gained any weight yet (thank god), but the belly is huge, and there's no hiding it anymore. I've had lots and lots of tests, and all is well. I'm convinced that we're having a Boy and Girl, because their heart rates are different this time around (Emma & Robin's were consistently the same). We find out next Friday, and will keep everyone posted on names.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the job loss. I know you will be happy being home with your beautiful daughters and spending quality time with them. That is the first thing I thought of when I was laid off again, I can spend some time with the boys. It was great!
    I can't wait to find out what you are having this time around...I'll keep checking. :) Be well. xo