Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a GIRL and a BOY!

Friday was a big day for the Tate Family! In the morning we went to my Maternal-Fetal Specialist and Ultrasound appointments, and found out the sexes of the babies! Of course the technician held out to the very end of the ultrasound to do the "big reveal"! I had guessed that Twin A was a Girl and Twin B was a Boy, an I was 100% correct (a mother is always right)! We're so excited to have another daughter and finally get a son! Emma and Robin are way to young to comprehend everything, but I keep telling them that there are babies sleeping in mommy's tummy, and that they're going to have a little sister and a little brother. We're also practicing "loving touches" to mommy's belly and they love the extra bump to climb all over! I also had a regular OB appointment, and all is going well. I'm measuring bigger than I did with the last twin pregnancy, and look like a "normal pregnancy" at 22 weeks (I'm only 18 weeks). From past experience the rest of the pregnancy will have me growing by leaps and belly is going to get huge again! Results from the "Tater Tot Twins 2 Baby Name Survey":
Name Votes
Olivia 12
Hannah 11
Jack 7
Avery 7
Gavin 6
Logan 6
Noah 6
Kelsey 6
Andrew 5
Carter 5
Dylan 5
Hudson 5
Ryan 5
Morgan 5
Adam 4
Lillian 4
Shelby 4
Jonah 3
Jordan 3
Elizabeth 2
Samara 2
Dakota 1
Stay tuned to see what names we actually picked for these two little nuggets!

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