Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's almost time...

It's almost time to find out the sexes of Tater Tots # 3 & 4. We find out on Friday morning, and I am so excited to finally find out and put a name to these little Tots! If you want to play along with my fun name quiz, click on the following link and submit your feedback: Emma and Robin are getting so big! We had a nice weekend (even though it was raining). Aunt Jana and I took them to Evan's 1st birthday party, and then we got to see Aunt Rozzie and Brayden later that night for dinner. It had been so long since we last saw them, and the girls just love Brayden. He is such a big boy, definitely going to be a football player - he's four months younger than Emma & Robin, but already taller! Emma is practicing standing by herself - I think it surprises her that she can actually do it, and will only do it on her own (no pushing/coaching from Mommy). She has a favorite word, "cracker" and gets so excited when I take the box of goldfish crackers from the cabinet. She's definitely trying to communicate with us more and I think will be real talkative once those words come. Robin is using her fun ride on toys as a walker, and pushing them all over the living room. She has such a fun time, and is so funny! She's not as "talkative", but listens really well. She can follow directions (picks up her milk and binky when asked), and she loves Pitcha so much!

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  1. Hi there, just stumbled upon your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy- so exciting! If you haven't yet, check out this blog, there is a blogroll with lots of blogs of other moms of multiple multiples. Good luck!